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Narwhal And Crow

XL Jar

XL Jar

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Soda Firing is a very hands on process of spraying a liquid mixture of soda ash and water into the kiln at the top temperature (2350F or 1288C) to create a shiny, textured and totally unique finish on the pieces. This firing process takes around 24 hours and around 5 days from start to finish. As with all of my work its slow art and done in small batches. 

This handmade jar is a perfect home for your trinkets, salt in your kitchen, cat whiskers and secret herbs of all kinds, approx 9 x 6.5 x 6.5. The jar in the photo is the unique item that will be sent to you. 

Each vessel is an act of meditation, created with an intention to promote clarity, mindfulness and balance with each sip. I believe the patterns that envelop the mug raise the vibrations of the liquid within and purify the mind, heart and soul of the beholder. I envision this with each step of the creation process and as they are sent of to the new owners all I wish is the highest good on their journey.

To follow along with my process or to see in studio photos and videos come find me on Instagram!

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