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What is Intentionally Sacred Pottery?

For me this world of clay keeps me grounded and is my connection to the Earth. My daily ritual and meditation. This is what keeps me truly centered in my reality. My vision and intention with each piece is to have a chunk of Earth to hold and drink from while absorbing the energy and love I put into my work.

In 2015, I attended a ceremony where we had an abundance of food and were gathering to eat, before anyone was served we went through and took tiny morsels from each dish and put it all together on what was called a spirit plate. This was what was to be fed to spirit as a thanks for holding us and allowing us to be nourished by the bounty we saw before us. Being a chef, baker, foodie, artist and potter. I was inspired in a whole new way, I began to test out versions of spirit plates. A few months later at the next gathering I brought one of the little plates as an offering. It was so magical to create functional wares that were full of intention and beauty. I felt a huge calling to keep creating sacred pottery, this small act of sacred creation has expanded into what my work is today, still evolving and growing.