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Alexandria Crow attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington studying oceanography, art, sustainability, and food politics. After a difficult semester focusing on the earth, biology and how our current food system is damaging the planet she took a permaculture course that changed her perspective of what is important in her life. With this newfound knowledge she left school and moved to Mt. Shasta, CA and began working and traveling to different farms in both the U.S. and Central America that are working on becoming self sufficient and responsibly sustainable. Working in the garden inspired many internal reflections creating a base for any seeds to be planted in her heart, body and soul. 


Learning more and diving deeper into shamanism, herbalism, nutrition, energy healing and spirit communication her spiritual practices are becoming conscious daily rituals. Narwhal and Crow is an inspiration from her journey through cultures abroad and around her home as well as her best friend Narwhal a cute little tuxedo kitty. These journeys allowed her to dive into patterns and textiles then bringing them to life in her drawings, after a few years she then dove back into pottery in January 2019. After a few months she started offering items on Etsy, Then decided to go full time in July 2019. Its been an amazing journey back into the world of art, and with the pandemic all of the studios closed, a trip to live in the forest was deemed best for her mental, physical and spiritual health! She is currently in the midst of reintegrating into the city life in this wild world and back in her studio in Missoula, MT. To follow along with the progress and store updates follow @narwhalandcrow on Instagram!