Artist Statement

Working in my studio has become a daily ritual and meditation, this practice is what keeps me grounded and centered in my reality. I see each vessel as a chunk of Earth able to be utilised and cherished.

In 2017, I attended a ceremony and as we gathered to eat we went through and took small morsels from each dish and placed them on what was called a Spirit plate. Being a chef and artist, I was inspired in an entirely new way. At the next gathering I brought one of my creations as an offering. It was magical to create functional wares that were full of intention and beauty. I obtained a passion for creating utilitarian pottery, this small act has expanded into what my work is today, ever evolving and growing. 

Soda firing is full of trial and error. I will forever be learning and have watched my work change dramatically over the past year while focusing on the firing process. The ability to witness the flames' path across the pots creating shadows has brought inspiration to what shapes can do. This next formulation of pots focus on multifunctional objects and how they can dance with fire.


Alexandria attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington studying oceanography, art, sustainability, and food politics. After a semester focusing on the earth, biology and how our current food system is damaging the planet she took a permaculture course that changed her perspective of what is important in her life. With this newfound knowledge she left school and moved to Mt. Shasta, CA and began working and traveling to different farms both inthe U.S. and Central America.

This time of travel was extremely formative and shaped how she now walks through life every day. After 4 years of working on farms and travelling around the country she was forced to stop running from place to place and found her way back to her hometown Boise, Idaho. Where she got back into pottery in 2018. 

Other areas of study include herbalism, nutrition, and energy healing as well as her connection to the natural world. Narwhal and Crow is an inspiration from her journeys through cultures abroad, internal growth and the way art has become a potent form of self regulation, as well as Narwhal, her friendly tuxedo cat. These studies continue today and have become a daily practice both in and out of the pottery studio. She is currently living in Missoula, MT and travelling around the north west to participate in art shows. To follow along with the progress and daily updates as well as how and where to shop in person follow @narwhalandcrow on Instagram!